Category Topics

2020 TWG Subcommittees

We’re excited to introduce 6 new TWG subcommittees focused on the important identity security topics impacting practitioners today - from best practices to the emerging role of identity in DevSecOps - providing resources to help orgs become more secure thru identity. For more information, check out the blog.

2020 IDSA Webinars

In this category you’ll find the slides from our 2020 Webinars. You can also find the recordings on our Resources page.

Customer Advisory Board Q&A

This is your chance to engage with the practitioners who are working behind the scenes, on behalf of the community, to help shape the IDSA. They are experienced identity and security leaders from a cross-section of industries - Adobe, Cisco, Navy Federal Credit Union, Robert Half, Gallagher, Community Health Systems and Optum - and have volunteered their time and expertise to help other practitioners succeed in reducing the risk of a breach through an identity-centric approach to security. Ask them why they got involved, ask them what makes identity-centric security the right approach, ask them their thoughts on best practices, ask them anything - as long as it relates to identity-centric security and the IDSA!

Business Initiatives

We’ll be developing identity centric security frameworks for the most important business initiatives within organizations today. Let us know what’s important to you.

Conferences and Events

This category is to capture content, feedback and discussion on IDSA conference participation. Suggestions on conferences we should sponsor and information on conferences we are sponsoring.

Site Feedback

Discussion about this site, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it.

Best Practices

Use this category to provide feedback on the Best Practices that have been developed. Share best practices or stories (good and bad) of implementing IAM programs. What worked? What didn’t work? What are your best practices?

Identity Defined Security Framework

Use this category to provide feedback on the IDS Framework that have been developed. Share your thoughts, feedback or stories (good and bad) of implementing the the security outcomes and implementation approaches or similar identity and security solutions. What worked? What didn’t work? What are your best practices?

IDSA Research

The IDSA conducts independent research regularly to uncover data and trends on the topics of identity and access management and identity security. The research is used to educate, inform the community, shape our guidance and measure progress toward reducing risk through identity-centric security strategies. We hope that you find value in the whitepapers, blogs and webinars that support the reach.