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Putting Identity at the Center of Security

August 22 Webcast: A Changing Paradigm: What Happens When You Put Identity at the Center of Security?

August 22nd, 12pm EDT

While identity has not been considered a foundation of most security architectures, it is emerging as the key to reducing the risk of a breach and the driver for initiatives such as Zero Trust. While Zero Trust is not a new concept, it is needed now more than ever. How do we get there without upending decades of architectural decisions and security investments? It starts with the basics and ends with an approach that puts identity at the center of your security strategy, optimizing cyber security investments while controlling risk.

Join Joe Gottlieb, IDSA Executive Advisory Board member, to learn more about how the IDSA is shaping the future of security by leveraging identity, the framework that has been developed and how we have redefined Zero Trust in identity first terms.

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Question from Darrin Homer…
“What does the journey look like and how do I get started?”

Thanks for joining! As promised, here is the webinar replay link and the slides. If you have any questions that were not answered during the webinar or questions as you watch it now, please reply to this thread.

Slides:August 22 Webinar_Final.pdf (18.7 MB)