Questions between SDP and IAM

Dear All,

My name is Lv Bo and I come from China. Working as Product Director of Data security and Identity Security at Venus (, No.20 in global market value of network security), a large network security company in China. He is also a member of the (ISC) 2 Greater China Southwest Branch. I am very happy to become one of the members of IDSA, because here can communicate with the leaders of identity security industry.

The prevalence of zero trust in China should be promoted by Cloud security Alliance in Greater China in 2020, and the specific technology should be guided by NIST800-207. At that time, the most popular technology was SDP, and many suppliers developed and launched SDP solutions, so that it was a wrong concept that zero trust =SDP in China.

Recently, there has been a problem that has been troubling the industry. When SDP and IAM solutions collide, neither will let the other, which makes it difficult to integrate. As a result, it is not known who will take the lead in the identity-centered control strategy. I want to ask you have encountered this problem?