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Putting Identity at the Center of Security

Webinar - Achieving Security Outcomes through Identity - June 4th

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In the latest research, published on May 14th, sponsored by the Identity Defined Security Alliance and conducted by Dimensional Research, 79% of the companies surveyed said they experienced a breach in the last two years. However, 24% of the companies who consider their identity-centric security approach “forward thinking” experienced significantly fewer breaches. What’s the difference? The forward thinking companies were further along in their implementation of identity-centric security outcomes than the rest.

Please join Stephen Lee, IDSA Executive Board Member and Okta VP of Technical Strategy and Partnerships, and Asad Ali, IDSA Technical Working Group Leader and Thales Sr. Technologist, as they discuss the latest iteration of the Identity Defined Security Framework and how organizations can use it to improve identity-related security outcomes, reducing the risk of a breach.