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Putting Identity at the Center of Security

Webinar - Security Outcome Deep Dive Series: All privileged access requires multi-factor authentication - June 18th

Slides from webinar: MFA for PAM Final.pptx (8.5 MB)
The recording can be found here:

In our latest research, 79% of companies surveyed experienced an identity-related breach in the last 2 years and interestingly only 38% of those companies have implemented multi-factor authentication (MFA) to protect privileged accounts. Because these accounts, whether human or non-human (machines, service, application), are considered the most risky, organizations should consider an extra layer of security through MFA.

Please join Paul Lanzi, IDSA Technical Working Group Member and Remediant co-founder and COO as he discusses the details of identity-defined security outcome, all privileged access requires MFA , and how organizations can implement additional protections for their most sensitive accounts, reducing the risk of an identity-related breach.

Thanks Julie! That was a good session.