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Webinar: Trends in Identity Security - May 21st

Slides from the webinar.Trends in Identity Webinar.pdf (2.1 MB)

The recording can be found here:

The number of identities in the enterprise has exploded. More than half (52%) of organizations surveyed last fall reported that their identities have grown more than 5-fold in the past 10 years and more than 80% say they have doubled. Trends such as DevOps, automation, and even more enterprise connected devices, will only accelerate identity growth and with it comes the risk of identity-related breaches. A NEW survey sponsored by the Identity Defined Security Alliance and conducted by Dimensional Research provides insight into the types of identity-related breaches impacting organizations today, what progress is being made on preventing them and how some companies are doing better than others.

Please join Diane Hagglund, Founder and Principal of Dimensional Research and Morey Haber, IDSA Technical Working Group Member and BeyondTrust CTO and CISO, as they discuss the results of our latest research highlighting the trends in identity-related security and what forward thinking companies are doing differently to reduce the risk of a breach.

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