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Zero Trust TWG Subcommitteee

Zero Trust – continue to evolve identity-centric zero trust concepts, relationship to other Zero Trust frameworks and expansion of existing content published by the IDSA. TWG Leader: Stefan Lesaru, Atos

Thank you for attending the 09/11/2020 call. We’ll need to determine if ZT-TWG materials would be closed access to members of the working group, until final docs/outcome release.
Materials will be posted on Google Drive -

New materials posted on Google Drive -

Next week’s TWG events - on 09/29 and 09/30, will provide the opportunity to exchange ideas with the other TWGs & teams. And it provides the opportunity to provide the ZT TWG outline, activities to date and gather feedback, during the 60mins ZT timeslot on 09/30.
Items that are work in progress:

  • ZT roadmap
  • assessment / ToC & doc
  • NPE doc to be started
  • updates to the ZT WP - steps to be discussed in next meeting

Torsten posted a blog as well -

20200925 meeting’s recording posted on Google Drive -

The working artifact are the same, as listed:

  • ZT roadmap
  • assessment / ToC & doc
  • NPE doc
  • ZT WP

Since the last 2 meetings, we’ve worked on the ZT roadmap, assessment / ToC & document, and the NPE document/blog.
On 10/02 meeting, we’ve decided to augment the existing ZT white paper doc, rather than create a new one.

More reviews & feedback for the assessment and ZT roadmap docs are needed.
Please review and provide comments when you have a chance.

Updated roadmap posted -
We’ll discuss further this Friday, 10/16.
Thank you.

Meeting recording uploaded -

Discussed potential to update the WP with NPE/NHE information, and include a pictorial - to help readers navigate the “acronym soup” covering ZT and related space, including SASE, etc.

Would be great to have additional reviews & feedback for existing materials, prior to next week’s call.
Thank you all for input, feedback & participation.