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Zero Trust TWG Subcommitteee

Zero Trust – continue to evolve identity-centric zero trust concepts, relationship to other Zero Trust frameworks and expansion of existing content published by the IDSA. TWG Leader: Stefan Lesaru, Atos

Thank you for attending the 09/11/2020 call. We’ll need to determine if ZT-TWG materials would be closed access to members of the working group, until final docs/outcome release.
Materials will be posted on Google Drive -

New materials posted on Google Drive -

Next week’s TWG events - on 09/29 and 09/30, will provide the opportunity to exchange ideas with the other TWGs & teams. And it provides the opportunity to provide the ZT TWG outline, activities to date and gather feedback, during the 60mins ZT timeslot on 09/30.
Items that are work in progress:

  • ZT roadmap
  • assessment / ToC & doc
  • NPE doc to be started
  • updates to the ZT WP - steps to be discussed in next meeting

Torsten posted a blog as well -

20200925 meeting’s recording posted on Google Drive -

The working artifact are the same, as listed:

  • ZT roadmap
  • assessment / ToC & doc
  • NPE doc
  • ZT WP

Since the last 2 meetings, we’ve worked on the ZT roadmap, assessment / ToC & document, and the NPE document/blog.
On 10/02 meeting, we’ve decided to augment the existing ZT white paper doc, rather than create a new one.

More reviews & feedback for the assessment and ZT roadmap docs are needed.
Please review and provide comments when you have a chance.

Updated roadmap posted -
We’ll discuss further this Friday, 10/16.
Thank you.

Meeting recording uploaded -

Discussed potential to update the WP with NPE/NHE information, and include a pictorial - to help readers navigate the “acronym soup” covering ZT and related space, including SASE, etc.

Would be great to have additional reviews & feedback for existing materials, prior to next week’s call.
Thank you all for input, feedback & participation.

Meeting recording uploaded - MeetingNotes_ZT-TWG folder

NPE blog in its final stages. Updates next week.
Discussed options and follow up actions for ZT roadmap and assessment documents.
Will have a sync during the week of 11/16, to determine best course of action.

ZT white paper updates - per discussions to date, to be started week of 11/23.

Additional reviews & feedback for existing materials prior to next week’s call are appreciated.
Thank you everyone for input, feedback & participation.

NPE blog completed. Julie to seek guidance re. Gartner references in doc.
Determine best way to publish and get appropriate coverage (i.e. via a publication 1st, then IDSA’s website) is next; TBD.
ZT white paper updates will start - week 11/23.
Augment WP to Include NPE information, NIST & best practices information.
Updated doc will be posted for review on ZT-TWGs’ Google Drive.

Next meeting - Dec. 4.

Happy Thanksgiving all!

Discussed options re. NPE blog.
Edits for NPE blog to remove Gartner references and add IDSA flavour for topic.
White paper updates - work in progress.
Feedback that’s received from the team will be incorporated in the docs, as work on artifacts progresses.

With the holidays & year end approaching - and time off for many of us, I’m thinking collaboration via email might work better for the last part of December, vs. weekly calls.
Open to suggestions re. ways to make progress on topics we are working on as a group.

Edited blog from Torsten, due to Gartner content. Added info pertaining to NPE.
Please review and provide feedback. Thank you.
Updated doc posted here:

Updated blog based on feedback, re-posted on Google Drive. This is good to publish. Any additional feedback received by Friday 12/18 will be uploaded in the doc.

New updates accepted in principle.
Reaching out to the team to get consensus to publish doc around 12/18.

Updated blog paper, ready for publishing.
Decided to have this published as 1st blog of 2021, in January. A better option for visibility and good start to the new year.

Next on the list are the white paper updates and ZT roadmap.
For ZT roadmap, information will be arranged in a format that can be consumed off IDSA website (similar to MS and other vendors similar ZT tools).

Thank you for you continued collaboration & contributions. “See you” all in 2021!
Happy Holidays & a great New Year!

Discussed progress & next steps.

  1. White paper (WP) updates - (Stefan) will work on updating the doc with NPE/machine ID content & info; update other WP items
    SASE (Secure Access Service Egde) content - Martin’s point, which is aligned with initial discussions about WP updates. SASE info - potential item to add to WP.
    Preliminary timeline to complete WP updates:
    Initial WP update - to be published by 01/15, on ZT TWG’s Google Drive
    _ 01/31 ZT TWG internal reviews & feedback, adjustments
    _ 02/15 IDSA reviews completed & publishing
  2. ZT assessment/roadmap tool - next item to address
    Preliminary timeline to complete ZT assessment/roadmap tool updates:
    _ mid-March
    (Stefan) Will check with Julie the tool’s format (i.e. survey style, etc.) - to determine publishing vehicle & enable results/data gathering, for statistic & research purposes.
    Content exists. Needs to be refined & reformatted to fit new format for publishing.

Think about the ID Mgmt day topic - April 13, 2021.
Topics - for consumer driven ID, in an enterprise / work from home env.?